Do you teach Photographic Workshops?

Yes, I have taught a number of photography workshops and am planning a continuous schedule of travel, technical, and nude workshops. My technical workshops primarily focus on techniques associated with exhibition quality black and white printing. These workshops are intended for the serious fine art photographer and are rather intense experiences. They cover the entire photographic process from pre-visualizing a scene to framing the final print. Topics include the Zone System of exposure, processing of film, burning and dodging techniques, flashing, processing for permanence, bleaching, toning, intensification of negatives, touch up work for both negatives and prints, and the matting of photographs. A high emphasis is placed on developing the initial test prints and making the initial decisions related to highlight values and contrast. I feel that portfolio reviews/critiques are an essential part of the development of an artist's work and therefore these workshops place a high emphasis on them. There are also a number of pre-workshop assignments given to prepare the participants and to insure that they get the most from their workshop experience. The nude workshops are typically location workshops. We have had workshops in Death Valley, the Alabama Hills, and the California Coast. These workshops typically involve group lectures and portfolio reviews in the morning with model shoots in the afternoon. We also involve the models in our group discussions. Group dinners are usually planned where we can get together to socialize and discuss photography. As with the technical workshops, these workshops also place a high emphasis on portfolio reviews. I am planning to begin teaching workshops on portraiture, both studio and environmental portraiture. I will announce these workshops as they become scheduled. Please call or E-mail me to get information about these workshops.